How to Win a Job

How to Win a Job

You may be new to the job market or else you must be having a few years of working experience and looking for a change for better prospects. All employers look for skilled and talented people for recruitment to fill in the available vacancies in their entities. Please remember that you will not get any job by just sending a few applications and facing a few interviews.

Getting a job is similar or more to winning a race. The position for which you send in your application will have one or a few vacancies depending on the needs of the employer. When a vacancy is visible in the print media or any employment website like jobsy, the prospective employer   will not receive only your application but many more applications from applicants who possess the required or more than the specified qualifications, skills and work experience. 

When you send in your application form you enter the race, to win the particular job, without your knowledge. On average employers spend only a few minutes to go through a CV and your cover letter. Hence you will have to pay more attention to the CV and the cover letter. Please make sure you submit a flawless CV and an impressive cover letter. Read the vacancy notice very carefully and check you eligibility before sending in your application. To get more knowledge on how to prepare a perfect CV and a cover letter you can go through articles published in our jobsy Knowledge blog, and you will be surprised to note that you miss many important points in the preparation of a proper CV and cover letter. So spend a little time reading such articles in our blog.

Once the employer goes through all the applications and shortlist your application you have entered the real race. From there onwards it is up to you to perform well at all the relevant interviews which you face for the particular job opening. When you register with and submit your application for the job openings preferred by you, we provide the visibility of your application form whether you are short listed or not. When you get the shortlisted notice it is time for you to get ready for the interviews. We will be carrying articles about "How to face interviews" or other interview related ones in our jobsy Knowledge blog.

After you face all the interviews and you have done your part you can have some hope of winning the job for which you applied. Please remember that you are not the only candidate faced the interviews but a few more equally qualified / experienced persons also. Normally employers give an indication whether you are selected or not. In case you are selected for the job you have won the race and won your dream job. Congratulations!! Let your CV remain with us in jobsy but you have the option of not making it visible to public, until such time you would like to have it visible again on a future date.

If you are told that you are not selected, make a polite request from the interviewer and find out the reasons. The persons, who sat for the final interview on behalf of the employer, will be open if they are kind enough. Once you know the reasons you can make the necessary corrections with your own initiative to a certain extent and read more articles in our blog to correct where you went wrong. Make a few more attempts and you will be successful and we at jobsy, are always there to assist you in winning your dream job. You are one of our key stakeholders and your success is our success. Always have confidence in you. Failures are the pillars of success. Be a winner!!