Marketing Yourself at the Interview

Marketing Yourself at the Interview

 It is due to the increasing competition in the labor market that finding a suitable job is not an easy task. Applicants with higher qualifications have to compete with each other so as to win a place in this race. On the other hand, it is because employers are looking for the best employees who are capable of adding a value to the organization that the job market has been so complicated. Although there are various methods for knowing and applying for a job, you are recruited by interviewing. Hence, everyone, although reluctant, has to face an interview.

For many job applicants, facing an interview is a pressure, because of the lack of preparation and self-confidence. Consequently, it can be seen that applicants with some sought after qualifications, fail at the interview.  Hence, reading this article will provide you with understanding on how to market yourself at the interview, securing your dream job.

No organization will call you for an interview, unless they need you. Keep in mind that they need you, as much as you need the job. That is why, it is needless to say that an interview should be a win-win situation for both parties. You should market yourself at the interview with proper marketing techniques, so that you will be priced. You are a brand. The interview is the marketplace. Your interviewer is the customer. The other candidates are your competitors. Just think, there is a complete marketing mix.

Before introducing a product to the market, you have to know its value and price it. Similarly, you should know your value, especially that of qualifications and experience and price yourself, before going for an interview. Once you underestimate yourself, others don’t think twice to look down upon you.


You have some home works to be completed, before going for an interview. Be ready well and improve your self-confidence. You can boost your confidence by looking at your qualifications, experience, particularly your track record. However, if you are a fresher, you may not have proven track records to impress your customer, the interviewer.  You must do your best to grab the opportunity, irrespective of your maturity. Research and get an idea of the company and the position that you apply for. It is once you are aware of the organization, its vision and mission that you can find different ways for effectively contributing towards those goals. Furthermore, your interviewer will be definitely impressed with your enthusiasm and motivation, giving a competitive advantage over your competitors, other candidates.  In addition to the general information, your focus should change, depending your position. Find out a job description relevant your position and guess what kind of questions will be asked at the interview. For an instance, if you apply for a post of an accountant, you must highlight financial details such as stock price, percentage of annual growth, earnings per share, and recent profits so and so forth.

What can be recommended is that if possible, do a mock interview, so that it will shatter your panic. You are a product going to be sold at the interview. Then, what about wrapping or packaging which can be considered a key marketing element to win the customer. It is about your clothes. Don’t forget first impression count. Hence, get dressed to your advantage, your attire and its colors will tell more about you, even before you sit on the seat. These are home works that you must complete, before going for an interview.


The time when you spend on during the interview is the most decisive. You must arrive at least ten minutes early, as it will give you time to relax and avoid any possible delay. Some candidates come late and give various excuses like facing for a previous interview. It will not be fruitful, as you have already tarnished your image by being late. Therefore, being on time is a must.

As if we check some qualities of a product, before buying it, your interviewer will observe your behavior, before recruiting you. Greet the interviewer by offering a firm handshake and a warm smile and don’t sit until you are told to do so. Even if there are some common questions asked at the interviews such as tell me about you, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should we recruit you for the job?  Why do you leave your current employment? You must give unique answers which help to differentiate you from others.   

Just imagine that you are selling a product to a customer, you, being in front of the interviewer, experience the same. Now, it is up to you to persuade your customer (Interviewer) to hire you. What do you do for that? Every word you utter by carefully following the style of the interviewer, ought to convince him that you are the right person that they are looking for. You must submit all the documents to prove what you say, ignoring whether they check it or not. Being specific and confident in your answers is of immense importance.

Listening to him will let you grasp what kind of person and qualities they expect. Then, you can answer exceeding their expectation, so you will be able to open an entry in the organization. You must not bring some political ideas onto the table which may irritate your interviewer. However, enjoy the freedom that you have by asking questions at the interview. Many candidates are afraid of asking questions, because they believe in that it could make the opportunity narrow.

When asked about you current or previous employers, never criticize them, as they have done a wonderful job in developing you. The disadvantage is that some candidates do not hesitate to say that they are looking for a job, as the current employer has discriminated them, these will project a bad image in the mind of your future employer. Furthermore, never give a priority in discussing salary and other benefits, as opportunities would be closed for people who are driven by monetary benefits alone. Instead of that, discuss the ways in which you can add a value to the organization.


Even though you have nothing to do with it, after facing an interview, you must review it, so that you will be able to correct some mistakes in future ones. Generally, some interviewers tell candidates “we will let you know” if not, you should not hesitate to ask when the next interview is or request some feedback.

Finally, thank the interviewer for making time for you, just ignoring whether you are recruited or not, as this will show your professionalism. Keep mind that most probably, the first interview itself you go for will not pick you, but consider each and every interview an opportunity to boost yourself, shatter your panic. What is recommended is that keep trying until you are recruited. Face your next interview with confidence.

Amila Muthukutti

Amila Muthukutti holds a BA in Economics from the University of Colombo. He is a regular Business columnist to Sunday Observer and Daily Mirror. He has published hundreds of business and general articles in leading Sri Lankan newspapers such as Daily News, Daily Mirror, The Island, The Nation and Sunday Observer. Although He is a finance professional, Human Resource Management has inspired him to explore the ways in which people who are a cost to the organization, can be developed as an asset to the business organization.He will welcome comments on his works and can be reached at


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