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Employer Branding

An amazing tool for organisations to be relevant and to engage with potential partners, employees and other stakeholders by showcasing their company profile, news and events and many more. Anyone can comment, ask questions and review these content and many more and you have the valuable opportunity to respond to those who are interested in you

Tell Them More About You

Job seekers want to know more about the company before applying for a vacancy. The culture, diversity, growth opportunities and past employee's reviews are all considerations that applicants look into before hitting "Submit". Here are few smart ways to do that.

Company Profiles

Company profile page lets organisations to be relevant and to be engaged with potential partners, employees and other stakeholders by showcasing their company, news, events and many more. This is a great place to let your potential employees know about the benefits, culture, awards and all the cool things that will help attract the right kind of people to your organisation.

Company Review

Your partners, employees and past trainees can comment, review and write testimonials on your company.This enables people to share their experiences, culture and other benefits regarding your organisation.


How can I manage my profile?

Once you register and gain access to the employee dashboard, it lets you create new content, update and respond to incoming comments. If you require any assistance with managing your company profile, please contact Jobsy Support.

Can anyone write reviews about my company?

Anyone is allowed to write reviews about your company. However they will not be visible to the public unless they have been approved by the site admin. We ensure that the comments are compliant with our code of conduct.

How can I add more information about my company?

You may chose to add more tabs to your profile such as; News and Events, Upcoming Training, etc. You may purchase additional space for a small price.