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With an easy to use, interactive interface and advanced search functions Jobsy will enable students and professionals to find the right courses and course providers with ease.


It's all about attracting the top talent by communicating what you have to offer. Jobsy's institute/organization profiles lets potential students/professionals to know about your values, offers, upcoming events and more.

Find the Best

If you are looking to attract the cream of the crop Jobsy is the best place for you. We have completely integrated job market demands, skills, industry trends and education opportunities into one system allowing students to know which courses they should follow to obtain desired outcome. We have targeted marketing opportunities for course providers to reach out to the best people who are looking for courses.

"We are creating a single platform for all students and professionals to search, compare and discuss courses within Sri Lanka."

Advertise Courses Why Jobsy?

Most of your target audience is online. It's time for you to reach out to them. Jobsy course advertising allows you to reach a large number of suitable candidates providing the right type of exposure with great effectiveness. Jobsy lets course seekers to view thousands of courses by hundreds of providers all across Sri Lanka from one platform. We give more power to the seeker by letting them use smart search tools to specifically shortlist the specialised courses that matches their skills, demands and passion.


It's like having a career fair 24/7, 365 days a year.

All the site wide search functionalities are absolutely free for the community at large. This provides access to a large number of potential candidates to view and inquire about your courses.

High exposure within a very competitive market.

Course providers are everywhere. Why are you different from the rest? What value do you add? What are your accreditation? These are the comparative questions seekers ask when they are looking for a course provider. Our branding opportunities lets you answer these with great effect.

Complete control over your advertising.

You will be able to manage all your course listings, branding content and other activities through a state of the art management tool. And you will be supported by a great team all through your journey.


Course Manager

Course Manager lets you keep track of all your courses. It lets you publish courses, make change, view inquiries, and many more features, giving you absolute control and visibility over your content.

Jobsy Support

Jobsy will provide you constant support with both technical consultation and guidance on your marketing opportunities

Targeted Marketing

Jobsy's smart marketing opportunities are both powerful and effective. We lead seekers directly to you from their Job Searches, Social Media and career relevances.


How to create a course provider account ?

To create a course provider account you have to register with jobsy.
Click here for register.

You can enter the information that has been asked and you will be one step closer to completing your course provider account.

If you have difficulties creating your account you can contact the Jobsy Support team to guide you.

How do I add a course?

To add a course first you must be logged into your course provider account.
To login please click here.

Once logged in you may use our easy Add Course feature through your course provider dashboard. This will take you on a step by step progression on how to add a course

I have posted my course, but why hasn't it been published yet?

Jobsy values the quality of the courses you provide. We believe that quality ads will attract quality individuals. Once you have posted a course, the Jobsy support team will firstly send you an email confirming that we have received your posting. Jobsy will review each course prior to publishing.

This should take no longer than 24hrs. Once your course is ready, we will notify you as it goes online.

If you need any help, please contact Jobsy Support anytime.

How can I manage my courses?

All course listing can be managed through the course provider dashboard.

Dashboard can be accessed at anytime using your desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Course providers can View Published courses, Drafted courses and More.

"We are committed to provide great value to Sri Lankan professional space through technology and innovation. If you would like to be a part of this endeavour, Sign-up and experience all these benefits."

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The current job market in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a job you have already taken the first step by coming to Jobsy. We hope to cater to you the newest job vacancies available in Sri Lanka. We hope to make your life easier hunting jobs by providing the key tools needed to get you your dream job.

Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Jobsy provides you the perfect platform to narrow down all the suitable job vacancies in Sri Lanka according to your qualifications, experiences and skills. Jobsy has a comprehensive list of all the high quality opportunities from a large range of industries. It has never been easy to apply for Job vacancies in Sri Lanka and to keep track of all you'r applications. We understand that It is a hard and a time consuming activity to search for job vacancies by reading newspapers, going through out dated websites and career pages of hundreds of individual employers. So we have made one impressive platform that makes finding job vacancies easier than ever

The Jobsy Solution

We hope to surpass the traditional methods of job seeking like the ways of newspapers and magazines and replace it with tools we provide to job seekers. We make job vacancies in Sri Lanka extremely easy to find with our defined parameters which we have for each job. We catergories by industry, location, main and sub-catergories so it will be specified to what you seek. We have a dashboard of functionalities which we offer to each and every job seeker. Some of the key functionalities we offer is the capability to shortlist jobs, keep track of applied jobs, save your searches and more.

Courses in Sri Lanka

Students and professionals seeking for suitable courses in Sri Lanka to develop their skills and knowledge did not have any method to search, compare or discuss such opportunities. There are thousands of institutes, universities and schools providing courses in Sri Lanka. Jobsy will let you search for the perfect course and compare them against other providers with powerful sorting and filtering functions. You can inquire these courses directly through the website.