How to Start a New Job

How to Start a New Job

It's only a matter of time when the feverish excitement of a new job and the feeling of 'I can't believe I got it!' turns into 'What if I can't do this properly?' The nervousness of the ensuing days' responsibility and work load might get you a little flustered.Yes, you might need some getting used to about the company culture and people you are going to work with, but the transition doesn't have to stress inducing. Following are some tips to make it less taxing and more organized.


First things first. You need to accustom yourself into the new place and culture. Apart from work related orientation such as the necessary training and initial guidance, you will have to get an idea of how things are done and what your role is when getting these things done. Don't be shy to ask someone how something is done if you don't know but don't make it a habit to ask for help all the time. Getting the documents like your job description (JD), Terms of Reference (TOR), Letter of Appointment etc are important too.

Go in ready to learn

During the first weeks, both employee and employer are assessing each other. You are not expected to make drastic changes to solve major problems in the organization, so don't put too much pressure on yourself at the very beginning. It's natural to want to impress your boss, but trying to change things at the very beginning can alienate you among the very people you are trying to impress. Instead, work on skills that you think will be helpful in your new role and dedicate yourself to your work. Have a one on one discussion with your immediate supervisor because that will give you a lot of insight on the tasks to carry out in the following days. Get to know you colleagues. Be polite and gain their trust.

Gradually integrate yourself into the company culture and then on, go on to make positive impacts on it, as well as on yourself and other around you.