To be Sri Lanka's benchmark digital career platform and to reduce the gap between the talent pool and industry demands.


Provide a coherent digital platform that empowers Sri Lanka's recruitment, higher education and career advancement space. Also to provide a hassle free recruitment management framework which is platform independent(Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc.) and uses zero paperwork.

Jobsy is an online job advertising and career support service which provides a powerful skill oriented platform for all recruiters, job seekers and educators to reach their ideal targets. Initiated in March 2014 and to launched in mid 2015, Jobsy is mainly used for job listing, educational and professional courses listings, career guidance and digital headhunting.

What does Jobsy do?

Jobsy enables meaningful bridges between its stakeholders. Jobsy is designed to fulfil this in the most efficient manner with the use of cutting edge technology and a highly motivated team backing all its services. Jobsy is committed to create opportunities that;

  • Enables employers to reach the highest quality workforce by advertising vacancies, graduate and internships opportunities in an effective manner.
  • Enables job seekers to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications with the highest visibility to prospective opportunities.
  • Enables job seekers to update their skills and qualifications by finding the most suitable course that are high in demand.
  • Enable course providers/educators to advertise higher education courses, professional and corporate courses, institutes and enrolment details alongside real time industry opportunities.

Why Jobsy?

seek simply, type who or what you are looking for. Our powerful search engine is built on an extremely-integrated data structure. This means all jobs, candidates, qualifications, skills, industry speci?c experience and locations are all interconnected. This enables its users to filter results according to exact criteria. Employers can look for candidates specialised in niche areas with specific skills set and experience. Likewise job seekers can find opportunities which match their skills, preference, location and experience and much more. Users will be enabled to look for specific courses which would empower them to be more competitive in their specific career path by increasing their skills, technical knowledge and professional accreditation. In essence, Jobsy allows users to seek with confidence and with greater insight in to what they seek for.

Quality content powerful information. We, at Jobsy value the quality of content with highest priority. We have designed all our templates, i.e. Job Seeker Resumes, Job Listings, Course Listings, Employer and Educator Resumes with highest industrial standards. Apart from this, Jobsy constantly encourages its users to keep their data as current and comprehensive as possible by using various rankings and incentive methods.

Visibility that matters, be seen. We assure our clients that they would receive the highest visibility to those who matters. Jobsy users specialised algorithms to ensure that Job seekers have been seen by potential employers who are interested in people like you. Employers, Job vacancies will be seen by potential candidates who match their interests skills and experience. Jobsy also allows user to view related educational and professional courses for specific jobs.


Jobsy believes in quality of its content.

We consider our customer care as the main feature of our service. We strive to ensure that all clients are received with the highest quality of support.

Flexibility - We understand that there is no fit for all size. We take great care of all your requirements to identify the best suited solution for any given situation

Partnerships and Community Engagements are well aware that we cannot reach our ultimate goals by doing this alone, hence your engagements and contributions will help us evolve to be better and add more value.

Our Team

Hirunda Kanaharaarachchi


Shivan David


Telley Fernando


The current job market in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a job you have already taken the first step by coming to Jobsy. We hope to cater to you the newest job vacancies available in Sri Lanka. We hope to make your life easier hunting jobs by providing the key tools needed to get you your dream job.

Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Jobsy provides you the perfect platform to narrow down all the suitable job vacancies in Sri Lanka according to your qualifications, experiences and skills. Jobsy has a comprehensive list of all the high quality opportunities from a large range of industries. It has never been easy to apply for Job vacancies in Sri Lanka and to keep track of all you'r applications. We understand that It is a hard and a time consuming activity to search for job vacancies by reading newspapers, going through out dated websites and career pages of hundreds of individual employers. So we have made one impressive platform that makes finding job vacancies easier than ever

The Jobsy Solution

We hope to surpass the traditional methods of job seeking like the ways of newspapers and magazines and replace it with tools we provide to job seekers. We make job vacancies in Sri Lanka extremely easy to find with our defined parameters which we have for each job. We catergories by industry, location, main and sub-catergories so it will be specified to what you seek. We have a dashboard of functionalities which we offer to each and every job seeker. Some of the key functionalities we offer is the capability to shortlist jobs, keep track of applied jobs, save your searches and more.

Courses in Sri Lanka

Students and professionals seeking for suitable courses in Sri Lanka to develop their skills and knowledge did not have any method to search, compare or discuss such opportunities. There are thousands of institutes, universities and schools providing courses in Sri Lanka. Jobsy will let you search for the perfect course and compare them against other providers with powerful sorting and filtering functions. You can inquire these courses directly through the website.