How to Win a Job

How to Win a Job

You may be new to the job market or else you must be having a few years of working experience and looking for a change for better prospects. All employers look for skilled and talented people for recruitment to fill in the available vacancies in their entities. Please remember that you will not get any job by just sending a few applications and facing a few interviews.Getting a job is similar or more to winning a race. The position for which you send in your application will...

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How to Look for a Job

You are at a point in life where you are ready to go out there and make some cash under your name. You could be a school leaver after Advanced Level or fresh out of college or even someone who has left their previous employment and is keeping an eye out for new horizons. Nonetheless, a job that suits you, and that will pay you what your worth is what you're looking for.Before everything else, make a current CV or resume. Add your most recent qualifications to it, may it be a degree / course...

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How to Negotiate a Job Offer

It's scary and exciting and promising all at the same time. You have been given the chance at a job that you would absolutely love to try your luck and skills at. But there are a few things you should consider before jumping at it. Although you are given an intro on what you have to do, you never truly know what's on the other side without a few days on the actual job. So, the best way to accept the offer is to know if the package is what you want because a job is a commitment and you only get o...

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Resignation Letters - What You Need To Know

Decided to move on? Here's how to resign without rattling your relationship with your employer, because closing deals diplomatically, is as important as making them. And you never know when you'll need their help again in the future.First off, if you know you are going to be leaving the organization, talk to your manager so that they are not caught off guard. They would need to look for candidates to fill in that position too. Besides, you've been their employee for all this time, its only commo...

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12 Things You Should Never Do at an Interview

Nobody likes awkward moments, especially not in an interviewThe problem is, when you worry so much about making sure every little thing goes right, it's easy to forget about the things that could go wrong. So how can you ensure that you have an embarrassment free interview experience?Here are these 12 things all interviewees hope they don't do on the big day, and how to avoid them:1. Be lateLet's face it, turning up to late to an interview is never an option. It only leaves you looking unprofess...

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Unleash Your Creative Potential

Extracted from Sunday Observer 11 October 2015 When we think of creativity, we think of Mozart, Picasso, Einstein-people with a seemingly fated convergence of talent and opportunity. It's too narrow a set of references, because the truth is that all sorts of people, possessing various levels of intelligence and natural ability, are capable of engaging in fulfilling creative processes. Some do so every day. Vikum Manawadu noticed that his three kids rarely drove the expensive ba...

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10 Rules of Success by Elon Musk

Who is Elon MuskElon Reeve Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer, inventor and investor. He is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and chairman of SolarCityElon is a 44 year old millionaire inventor who is determined to change the world by example. He is well known for his bold and radical inventions such as Space X space programme, Tesla the electric super car project and the sustainable energy production. His ...

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ගමෙන් බිහිවූ ලංකාවේ සාර්ථකම ව්‍යාපාරිකයින් 5 දෙනෙක් -

මහපොළොවෙන් සිටුමැදුරට ~ උපුටා ගෑනීම aniwa.lkජීවිතය කියන්නෙ හරි පුදුමාකාර දෙයක්. වෙලාවකට අපිව බිඳ වැටෙනවා. සමහර වෙලාවට අපිව උඩින්ම තියනවා. එත් අපිව ඉහලට යන ප්‍රමාණයට වඩා බිඳ වැටෙන ප්‍රමාණය වැඩි...

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CFA vs MBA: Which is more beneficial for finance professionals?

Professionals pursuing a career in finance often ask themselves if they should get an MBA or a more finance-focused qualification, such as a CFA (Certified Financial Analyst). While an MBA and a CFA are both highly regarded qualifications that can give your career a competitive edge, it’s not easy to weigh up CFA vs. MBA.The Benefits of an MBAMany postgraduates are taking up MBA courses so they can move more easily across industries. An MBA gives you a broad overview of how all the differ...

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The current job market in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a job you have already taken the first step by coming to Jobsy. We hope to cater to you the newest job vacancies available in Sri Lanka. We hope to make your life easier hunting jobs by providing the key tools needed to get you your dream job.

Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Jobsy provides you the perfect platform to narrow down all the suitable job vacancies in Sri Lanka according to your qualifications, experiences and skills. Jobsy has a comprehensive list of all the high quality opportunities from a large range of industries. It has never been easy to apply for Job vacancies in Sri Lanka and to keep track of all you'r applications. We understand that It is a hard and a time consuming activity to search for job vacancies by reading newspapers, going through out dated websites and career pages of hundreds of individual employers. So we have made one impressive platform that makes finding job vacancies easier than ever

The Jobsy Solution

We hope to surpass the traditional methods of job seeking like the ways of newspapers and magazines and replace it with tools we provide to job seekers. We make job vacancies in Sri Lanka extremely easy to find with our defined parameters which we have for each job. We catergories by industry, location, main and sub-catergories so it will be specified to what you seek. We have a dashboard of functionalities which we offer to each and every job seeker. Some of the key functionalities we offer is the capability to shortlist jobs, keep track of applied jobs, save your searches and more.

Courses in Sri Lanka

Students and professionals seeking for suitable courses in Sri Lanka to develop their skills and knowledge did not have any method to search, compare or discuss such opportunities. There are thousands of institutes, universities and schools providing courses in Sri Lanka. Jobsy will let you search for the perfect course and compare them against other providers with powerful sorting and filtering functions. You can inquire these courses directly through the website.